Intelligence for communications professionals

Ascerta Insights complete PR toolkit developed to help communications professionals deliver the best client service in today's noisy and evolving media landscape. As the lines between traditional PR and marketing continue to blur, Ascerta provides the tools enabling PR's to deliver high value coverage and content that supports online reputation and brand awareness.

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Monitor online reputation, campaign performance and earned coverage

Most traditional rank checkers track one domain in the search results. The problem with this approach is you never see the full picture. What about negative content, competitors, press releases and media coverage? Search Insights track the whole top 20 results giving you valuable insights into all your owned assets (company websites, social media etc), media coverage, negative content and competitors making it the most versatile tool available for rank tracking, campaign performance and online reputation management.

  • Highlight positive, negative, owned and earned coverage results
  • Automated alerts
  • Snapshot views including volatility, health and threat levels

Search insights is the perfect tool for brand monitoring and senior management reporting. Demonstrate awareness and real time effectiveness of a communications or reputation management campaign.


Measure and show off your achievements and generate professional coverage reports in minutes

Page Insights is a unique tool which quickly measures the value of an online mention and returns the scores in an easy to digest format.

Unlike many products, Page Insights is designed to give a clear indication of a URL's value using multiple data-points and years of reputation management experience, not simply an estimated traffic value or arbitrary score based on backlinks.

  • Quickly measure the value of any web page (URL)
  • Organise URL's into projects for easy tracking
  • Demonstrate the value of a campaign, press release or media response
  • Identify low quality websites
  • Generate white label PDF coverage reports

Page Insights is an invaluable tool for communications professionals to track, validate and report online coverage.


Build targeted lists of highly relevant websites, contacts and author’s as well as giving vital insights into search trends, search volumes and content performance

By knowing which authors and websites are taking about your topics and already ranking for highly relevant search terms you can start to build data driven lists of potential targets for your pitched content and demonstrate the value of these to your clients.

  • Generate lists of top performing content and websites for your target audience
  • Discover high volume search terms and trending topics for content creation
  • Gather data from both search and news results
  • Demonstrate data-led decision making
  • Improve pitch success rates
  • Find author and website owners contacts and social media accounts

Our research tool is a vital piece of kit for today’s PR agency, looking to streamline their outreach, pitches and content development.